Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Note to My Readers

Dear friends,
I just wanted to update you a bit. The last year and a half have been very busy in my home. I now have a very busy toddler who is simply energy embodied. My husband's job has changed significantly, and he is traveling every week now. And I still have a day job. All this leaves very little time for blogging. But I am still here. I often think, "I need to blog about this experience... or that experience..." and then my head hits the pillow, and I am unconscious.  So know that I still have lots to say, and hopefully in 2013 I'll have a little more time to share it with you.

Happy Holidays to you all!  And I hope you'll check out this year's Passports with Purpose fundraiser. We are raising $100,000 to build wells for clean water in Haiti.  You can learn more here: Passports with Purpose.


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