Friday, March 4, 2011

Carnivale Book Giveaway: Art+Travel Europe from Museyon Guides

Why wait until Fat Tuesday to enjoy the fun of Carnivale? I have a copy of Art + Travel Europe, a book by Museyon Guides, which focuses on some of my favorite European cities and the artists that shaped them. In fact, it is really five travel books in one: Munch's Oslo, Caravaggio's Rome, Van Gogh's Arles, Vermeer's Delft, and Goya's Madrid. Each section looks at the artist's impact on the city and the way the city shaped the artist. All you art-lovers out there, this is a book for you!

Kate was the winner of the last giveaway, and you can be next!

What do you have to do to win it?

How To Enter
For a chance to win, leave a comment below before 11:59PM PST on Monday, March 7, 2011, answering the following question:

What kind of costume would you like to wear to Venice's Carnivale someday? 

Please include your email address in the comment form (your email isn't shared with anyone, and I will not send you email unless you win). Entries without an email address will be disqualified.

And if you need some inspiration... well, check out this video:

Happy Carnivale!


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Oh gosh, I have no idea, maybe dress up like a Princess?

vvb32 reads said...

the queen of diamonds with a sparkly mask and the dress would be a poofy one in burgundy tones.
vvb32 at

Denysé said...

I think if I was ever to make it to Carnevale, I would definitely want something exotic in blacks and silvers, maybe with a touch of red to make a vampiric kind of elegance to the whole thing... there are so many stunning looks to choose from, it would be difficult to decide, I think.

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kerry dexter said...

I think Carnivale could use a touch of Irish myth, so I'd choose a costume from Celtic legend -- Bridgid spirit of fire, perhaps.

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