Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enter to Win an Italy Gift Pack!

Just to add some excitement to your week, we're having a giveaway!

To Enter:  
Leave a comment today or any day this week. Every comment enters you in the contest. You may enter more than once!

The Prize:  
A copy of Susan VanAllen's book 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go plus a variety of Italian treats that I picked up on my trip this month

I've had two excerpts from Susan's book up this week: 
Check them out!  And then leave a comment here (or on any post from this week) to be entered to win!

It's that simple! Please include your email address in the comment form or make sure it is attached to your Google ID (your email isn't shared with anyone, and I will not send you email unless you win). 

Contest entries close Sunday, February 20 at 11:59 pm PST.

So... here's today's question: what's one place in Italy where you think every woman should go?  


Liz Lund, Nisswa, MN said...

This woman is excited to be revisiting Venice soon. I'll have to admit to bringing the husband along, but only to pay for all the glass beads and delicious food!

Hurray for the Gift Pack Drawing!
Liz Lund

Anonymous said...

Why, Firenze, of course!

Shanda L said...

A chocolate festival with flag day ever.

Kim Nelson said...

Visit the Barolo area! Great wine, food, and truffles...

Schmelz1 said...

Everyone--man or woman--should visit Rome, definitely my favorite destination!

Julie Lorenz said...

I loved Luca!! The walk around the wall is soul-filling.

Jackie said...

Bella Tuscany! Food, wine, and architecture, unrivaled!

Susan Van Allen said...

How wonderful to hear all this love for Italy!
I do believe it may have been especially created for us gals!

Elaine Neske said...

Bella Capri! There are so many captivating places and sights on this island that it's not to be missed. Not to mention the fabulous food and wine.
Elaine Neske

Proverbs said...

Tuscany! Looking forward to visiting with girlfriends in a few weeks!

Thank you for the giveaway.

Amy said...

I have never been to Italy but definitely want to visit Positano above all of many places there, for the water, beautiful landscape, the food and the lemons. Loved it in Under the Tuscan Sun.

Diana Scimone said...

Every woman should go to those beautiful nameless places throughout Italy that surprise you--the ones that take your breath away.

The bend in the road that leads to an ochre-colored landscape lined with twin rows of cypress trees.

The narrow alleyway with fresh-washed laundry strung above your head that takes you to a charming square that beckons you to linger for the afternoon.

The neighborhood cafe where children laugh and their parents enjoy their vino and their life.

Every woman must go to these beautiful nameless places in Italy that invite you to be part of la dolce vita.


Sara Schum said...

I don't know because I've never been!!

Anonymous said...

I'm taking the chicken way out and saying "all of it" (since I've never been. How can you choose just one? I'd love to spend a month in Tuscany, another in Rome, visit Venice ... well ... the whole thing. :)
- Lindagal

Heidi said...

Just one place!? I loved Capri. 5 hour lunches, gelato, long walks, the sea and clifs. Amazing. For a little while you can pretend to by a jetsetter or movie star. I went in the Spring, before the tourists and it was perfect.

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