Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Travel Italy for Free

Free? Yep. Free. 

As many of you know, I specialize in small group travel to Italy.  When working with a group, I develop a customized itinerary for the group and travel along acting both as guide and concierge as we journey through Italy’s splendors.

Sunset behind Santa Maria della Salute in Venice
My tours focus on art and food with extraordinary culinary experiences as well as intimate encounters with Italy’s greatest works of art.  The most popular itinerary: Florence and Rome in the steps of Michelangelo -- we essentially “do” my book -- with a brief excursion to Venice.  But anything is possible!

So, how do you get to do this for free?
If you organize a group of 8-10 people, your land package price (everything but the airfare) is free! 

But I don’t know 8-10 people...
Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo by night
Yes, you do!  What about your book club? People from church?  How about that great family vacation you’ve always talked about?  Or a reunion of the people you really love from college!  What about a mother-daughter trip with some of your daughter’s friends? Or a few grandparents with their grandchildren?  And what about the people in your Italian class?  Or a group of friends celebrating your senior year?  I’ve traveled with so many combinations of people of all ages, and we always have a fantastic time. 

And you don't have to travel with a group... but if you do, you get to go for free!
The Duomo in Florence

Why not just go on my own?
Of course you can, but a group opens up new experiences that you might never consider traveling on your own.  And we aren’t talking about a group of 50 people who see everything out the bus window. 

In fact -- don’t think about buses at all except city buses.  My groups walk and take public transit.  We stay right in the center of the city.  We eat in charming little restaurants.  We work with a flexible schedule and a customized itinerary.  And we build in lots of free time, too.  In fact, when someone says to me, “I’m not going along today, because I’m going back to that church/store/museum/restaurant we passed yesterday...”  -- that is the highest compliment someone can pay me.  After all, my role on a trip is to help you enjoy Italy. 

Hmmm... tell me more!
Contact me!  I’d be happy to talk about some options and help you put together a group. 

Buon viaggio!
Sunset at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome


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