Monday, October 18, 2010

Promise to Write: a Global Postcard Blog

A few days ago I found a postcard sitting by the mailboxes in my building.  It was stamped and addressed to "Promise to Write," but it was blank.  A small sheet of paper was taped to the postcard reading, "Since I know buying a postcard/stamp and writing out the address is the hardest part, I have already done that for you.  Hopefully the city is right, if not feel free to cross it out and write where you are on the front.  So send in your story and see if it makes it onto"

I was intrigued.

It turns out Promise to Write is a new enterprise started in July, 2010.  Here's how it works:

  1. People send postcards to the Promise to Write address.
  2. Promise to Write photographs each postcard and posts it on their blog, sometimes with commentary.

I will say, the commentary when offered isn't always witty or interesting.  It sometimes tends toward the sneering.  But I can see this being a fascinating project, if it catches on.  Travelers sending postcards about their best or worst travel days all over the world... and they are collected together in both a high-tech and very low-tech way... and my advice would be to allow the postcards themselves to be the stars.

Yes, I am still intrigued.

You, my dear readers, are all over the world.  Stick a postcard in the mail to:

Promise to Write
P.O. Box 425695 
San Francisco, California

Give our friends at Promise to Write something lovely to write about!

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