Monday, August 16, 2010

Florence vs Italy: Michelangelo's David at Centre of Ownership Row

©Angela K. Nickerson, 2010
Michelangelo, who completed his David in 1504, would be astonished by Silvio Berlusconi's latest move and Italy's latest quarrel. Lawyers from the Italian Ministry of Culture are preparing to argue that Michelangelo's David -- and the millions of dollars in admission fees it generates -- belongs to the Italian government and not to the city of Florence. The city of Florence is challenging this assertion -- and hoping they will get a piece of the pie.

Of course, in the early 1500's there was no "Italy" as we know it today. That is a 19th century development. But in the unification of the Italian city states, were there some details left unexplored? And why would the city of Florence just be thinking of this now? One word: Euros. When the going gets tough, people look for revenue in "creative" ways.

So, what would Michelangelo do? I'm fairly certain he would champion his hometown of Florence. His David represents the Florentine Republic standing up against other threatening forces including the Vatican -- the Goliaths of his day. It seems David has another stone to throw.

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Schmelz1 said...

Good grief! I wonder what that man will do next!

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That was very informative, thanks! (I’m also thinking about what he would do)

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