Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where to Go and What to Do with Your Tween in Dallas, Texas

Guest blogger: Julie
Today's guest blogger, Julie, is an eleven year old who spends her summers in Dallas, Texas.  On Monday, tween blogger, Julie, shared her restaurant recommendations.  Today she is blogging about her favorite things to do and places to go in Dallas.

My name is Julie and I am eleven years old. I visit Dallas every summer. Tweens always have to be entertained, or we’re dying of boredom. These are a few of the things I like to do in when I visit Dallas.

If you love to shop like I do, the Neiman Marcus store in Downtown Dallas is a great place for you. As soon as you walk in the door, your jaw will drop when you see how amazing it is! My Aunt and I went there to pick out a dress for my cousin's wedding. I loved everything I saw there! I love the Neiman Marcus store, and I know you will too! [Neiman Marcus: 1618 Main Street, Downtown Dallas]
Neiman Marcus' flagship store in Downtown Dallas

An interesting museum in Dallas is the Sixth Floor Museum. I love it there because it has so many of President John Kennedy's belongings. From his pictures all the way down to his tableware! It is interesting to go outside and sit on the grassy knoll because I know it has a story behind it. The 6th Floor Museum is on street that President Kennedy was shot. I definitely recommend putting the JFK museum on you places to go list. [The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza: 411 Elm Street, Downtown Dallas]

Dealey Plaza, site of President John F. Kennedy's assassination

The Sixth Floor Museum in the old Book Depository in Dallas

If you are in the mood for fresh and tasty fruits and veggies, it is always fun to go to the Farmers Market just south of downtown Dallas. It is so cool to go to because I always see something new. I love it there! [Dallas Farmers Market: 1010 S. Pearl Expressway, Downtown Dallas]
The Dallas Farmers Market
My favorite place to go of all time is the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Wax Museum! It's so cool because everything in it is made of wax. My favorite character that's made out of wax is the witch from the Wizard of Oz! The Wax Museum is located in Grand Prairie Texas. You will have great family fun there. [Ripley's Believe It of Not: 601 East Palace Parkway, Grand Prairie, Texas]
Julie poses with Bella and Edward from "Twilight" at the Wax Museum
The Katy Trail is my favorite walking trail. It is safe, free, and 3 ½ miles long. I can’t do 7 miles, so I stick with 5. It’s our favorite place to go on family walks. The spirits are always bright at the Katy Trail. And it is dog-friendly. [Katy Trail: entrances vary, but the trail runs from the SMU campus to the American Airlines Center; visit the Friends of the Katy Trail website to download a trail map.]

Thank You!  Julie (age 11)

Thank you, Julie!  Great suggestions!  
Note: All photographs courtesy of Julie and her dad.  

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Lisa Kahalley said...

Thanks for all of the recs! Can't wait to visit these places when I get back to Dallas. Keep 'em coming!

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