Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Irreverent Curiosity Out in Paperback

So, there I was in my local bookstore tonight, and what did I see on the travel shelf? David Farley's fabulous book, An Irreverent Curiosity, is out in paperback!

What? You don't know about An Irreverent Curiosity? Well, the incomparable Mr. Farley stopped by last year when his book debuted to do an interview, and I reviewed his book as well. Trust me, it was a book worth buying in hardback, and now it is a steal in paperback!

Here's a snippet of my review:
I grew up in Texas and was raised in a Protestant church. On my first trip to Rome, I found one thing most shocking: the prevalence of relics. Growing up in a Southern Methodist church, I had never thought that perhaps the heads of John the Baptist or St. Valentine might be hanging around – or that they might have spiritual significance. But I quickly learned. 
Author David Farley has a leg up on me in the relics department. He was raised in the Catholic church, so at least the concept of relics and their adoration was not so foreign for him. And in his new book, An Irreverent Curiosity (Gotham Books, 2009), Farley takes his readers in search of “the church’s strangest relic in Italy’s oddest town.” Namely, Farley is off on a hunt for the Holy Foreskin – as in the foreskin of Jesus.

And check out my interview with David Farley including his recommendations for how to get into the Vatican Library and what to do if you, too, decide to visit Calcata in search of the Holy Foreskin.

Congratulations, David!

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