Friday, July 23, 2010

Florence in the News

The Duomo in the heart of Florence
I've been reading a lot about Florence lately which only makes me wish I was there.  If you are headed to my favorite Tuscan city soon, you should check out these articles:

36 Hours in Florence by Ondine Cohane (New York Times): recommendations on where to go, what to do, where to stay, and what to eat on a short trip to Florence

A Weekend in Florence (New York Times): a photo essay by Dave Yoder that accompanies Ondine Cohane's article

A Museum Display of Galileo has a Saintly Feel by Rachel Donadio (New York Times): review of the newly-renamed Museo Galileo in Florence and their exhibit of Galileo's remains. 

Hotels in Florence by Jessica (Why Go Italy): a roundup of hotel recommendations at a variety of prices

Famous Gardens in Italy (My Melange): includes both Boboli Gardens, near the Pitti Palace in Florence, and Villa Gamberaia, found in the hills outside of Florence.

Florence: A Visit with Michelangelo by Angela Nickerson (EuroCheapo): free or nearly-free places to see Michelangelo's work in his hometown. 

Are you headed to Florence? What are your plans?  And what resources have you found most useful lately?


Joan said...

Yes, I will be in Florence for a week in December between two week stints in Rome, finally fulfilling my desire for a month and Christmas in Rome. Had to fit in Florence too.
In probably my second favorite Italian city (I love many)I will viit Florence Noel and see la Casa di Babbo Natale and I believe I have also read there is a fair in Piazza Santa Croce. And, of course, there is David and much more--too much for a week.
I might add that on one trip to Italy I "chased" Michelangelo, not only to Florence and Rome, but to the town of his birth, Carrara, Bologna, Siena. Great fun!

Alexandra Korey said...

Hi Angela
I have noticed this too - the NYT decided to open its eyes to Florence this week!
In resources for people visiting, they might find useful my recent list of Museums open on Monday in Florence (a perpetual question):

For Joan - indeed there is a Christmas fair in Florence in Piazza Santa Croce (germanic style) in the first week of December usually, if I recall correctly. I also created a Michelangelo in Florence itinerary on Tuscany Arts blog... there is a lot of Mike in Florence, though I'm quite sure you know that!

Ciao da FI - Alexandra

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