Monday, July 12, 2010

Beating Jet Lag: Tips and Advice from the Travel Pros

Last week was Jet Lag Week.  Here's a roundup of the week's posts and stories.  Thanks to all of the pros who weighed in and shared their wisdom!

Living in the Future: jet lag is a 20th century phenomenon. So when is "now" and when is "tomorrow" and was your yesterday the same as mine?  Questions of time, travel, and the present. 

What's your best jet lag story? What happens when your brain stops functioning from the sheer exhaustion of travel?  Ever tried to withdraw enough cash to buy a car from the ATM? I have!  Read on, and share your best (or worst) jet lag stories. 

How to Beat Jet Lag: my personal recommendations for what to do before you leave, while on the plane, and once you arrive at your destination

Jet Lag Tips from the Travel Pros:  advice from travel writers and frequent travelers around the globe on how to beat jet lag. 

I hope all of this means a better trip for you next time!

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