Monday, January 11, 2010

London, Baby! And Wales! And Ireland, too!

This week I got confirmation that I'll be headed back to the UK and Ireland in May.  I was just in London in October with The Gypsy's Husband, but I am always happy to go back to London.  And Ireland and I are becoming best of friends, too.  But this time I'll be taking a quick trip through Wales and arriving in Ireland by ferry!  Very fun!

I've been thinking about the UK and wishing I was there this week.  They are in the midst of a historic, snowy cold snap which is making for some incredible photography.

Check out these photos:
And for good measure...
  • ParisDailyPhoto: Classic Sunday (I'd hate to offend the French -- especially when they are so chilly!)
Stay warm all you Brits!

And as I start to prep for my trip, you know I'll be getting into my map.  London, Baby!

What are your travel plans for 2010?

Update: January 12
According to Vagabondish, all you Brits are staying warm, but in less-than-innocent ways.  Hmmm... Check out Brits Respond to Record Cold Snap with... Mass Infidelity?
It's not THAT cold, people! 


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Lucky you!
I miss traveling so much. Lately the only place I get to go is the grocery store!

transfer smart said...

I love traveling, I love to experience more beautiful places, to meet different faces and different cultures, travel is hobby, most likely I love it.

Erica said...

You're fortunate to travel to London. I want to travel there too this year. Hope you'll have a great trip!

Mo said...

The snow has been very pretty. Thanks for the link

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