Friday, January 8, 2010

The Gypsy's Project365

I am actually fairly good at keeping my New Year’s Resolutions.  In 1999 I resolved to journal everyday instead of haphazardly.  I have now been doing just that for more than 10 years and am the richer for it.  This year I’m adding another layer to my journaling.  I’ve started a Project365 -- taking and posting at least one photograph each day.  Not only do I hope to better chronicle the important moments in my life, but I also hope to improve my photography skills as well. 

So, what has this first week of 2010 contained:
  • January 1: I took this image just after midnight as our annual New Years house party danced  outside to our New Years theme song. 
  • January 2: my dear and gorgeous friend, Terra.  Her favorite Norwegian verb (and yes, she is just the kind of girl to have a favorite Norwegian verb) means “to cozy oneself.”  That’s just what we do!
  • January 3: butter cookies -- my favorites in part because they are edged in candies named for an artist.  Yep, the real name for sprinkles is “Seurats” -- after Georges Seurat, the pointillist painter.
  • January 4: a friend gave me a vase of paperwhites for Christmas.  They bloomed for the New Year.
  • January 5:  Lucy, our dog.  Because of her coloring, it’s really hard to photograph her face.  I got a good snap today.
  • January 6:  Each year I add one ornament to my collection.  I bought this one in Venice in 2009 -- a gorgeous gilded plum from Murano. 
  • January 7:  We have a 100+ year old oak tree in our yard which is home to a delightful family of squirrels.  Lucy chases them.  They chatter at her. And I think both parties are very, very happy.  This guy paused to watch me as he was making his way across our fence.
I am uploading my Project365 images each day to my Picasa feed (feel free to subscribe!).  There’s also a slideshow playing in the right-hand column of The Gypsy’s Guide.  And every once in awhile I’ll blog about the images I’m taking, of that you can be sure! 

For more information about Project365 and information about how to start your own, check out these links (link list updated frequently):

    Are you doing a Project365?  Leave a comment with the link, and let us know! 
    Thanks to all of you joining in from's Photo Friday!


    GotPassport said...

    is it ok that I am starting later in the game. I think I want to do this too so I can learn my new DSLR Nikon D5000 with lots of buttons! :-)

    Great to find you on Twitter and your site Angela!

    Angela K. Nickerson said...

    @GotPassport: it totally doesn't matter what date you start one -- just that you do start! Welcome aboard! When you get it up and running, leave us the link so we can follow. :)

    Divina said...

    here I am- this is my first year- hoping for the best

    holly said...

    i tried that once... i made it a total of 5 days... the challenge comes when taking pictures of the mundane when there's nothing interesting happening... but that's where the creativity steps in :) perhaps you've inspired me to give it another go

    Angela K. Nickerson said...

    @Divina's link doesn't work, but this one does:

    She lives in Tuscany and takes some fab photos! :)

    Sarah V. said...

    This sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing what the year has in store for you!

    Kelly said...

    In the end,you will not be disappointed in doing the 365 project! I was able to learn so much by doing a similar blog about a year ago at where I posted or tried to post every day. It does get overwhelming at times and you think you have no time but it is worth it in the end! It was not just posting the photo but the photo had to be taken on that same day and posted by midnight. There were some late nights and late posts but it was an experience to remember. Main thing to do in the project is ENJOY IT!!! :-)

    Monna McD said...

    What a lovely post. I love your descriptions for each day's photo - that helps make the shots even more meaningful for other people. You might enjoy a blog called Habit at

    Steve | Phottix Journal said...

    365 Projects are great. I would really like to undertake one, but know I can't make the time. Maybe 52 project instead?

    I did a post on 365 projects if you or your readers are interested.

    Melanie said...

    Nice post, Angela. I've been half-heartedly doing the 365 project. Need to get back into it. Like that you've done yours on Picasa. And your blog makes me want to consider using blogger again. The layout looks really fresh!

    Angela K. Nickerson said...

    Thanks, Melanie! :)

    Dominique said...

    I've seen a couple of folks doing 365 projects! (I'm trying to encourage Tim to do a "52 shot" version just to keep himself shooting while he's going to school-which is pretty time intensive and easily sucks away every moment of his time).
    Great shots you have here.

    Lora (Tripping with Kids) said...

    Wow, incredible photos. That's a great idea. Bet you really look at things differently each day.

    Welcome back! If you haven't already, I hope you'll subscribe to my RSS feed so we can stay in touch. Ciao!


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