Sunday, November 29, 2009

Passports with Purpose 2009

As a former teacher, I know that nothing changes a life more quickly than access to an education. Think about it: someone taught you to read. As a result you are reading my words right now. You also learned to do some math. And then you learned that the world is a great big giant ball spinning through space and filled with amazing places to visit and billions of other people with talents and interests and perspectives to share. Chances are you learned a lot of that in school.

Now imagine you didn’t have a school. Imagine you live in a place without schools for your children -- or your grandchildren.

That’s life for many people in rural Cambodia which is why Passports with Purpose has decided that this year we are raising money to build a school in Cambodia through American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC). Our goal: $13,000.

What is Passports with Purpose (PwP)?
In 2008 four travel bloggers got together and said, “Let’s do some good with our blogs.” They recruited a bunch of other bloggers, including me, and together we raised more than $7000 for Heifer International. This year’s group of travel bloggers is even bigger, and so is our goal.

How does Passports with Purpose raise money?
We are holding an online raffle. With each $10 donation you make to PwP, you get a chance to win the prize of your choice. And the prizes are incredible: cameras, travel gear, hotel stays, kids’ gear.

You still don’t believe me? Check back tomorrow to read all about the incredible prize I'm donating -- sponsored by  Click their link for a clue! 
  • The list of prizes is available here.
  • The full rules are available here
  • All proceeds go directly to AAfC, a registered non-profit organization.
  • The fundraiser begins November 30, 2009 and ends December 21, 2009.
  • Winners will be notified by email on January 5, 2010.
So, how can I help build a school this holiday season?
Then spread the word! Email this page to your friends. Tweet about it. Post about it on Facebook (and join our Facebook group). Blog about it. Oh, and you can talk about it, too!

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