Thursday, November 19, 2009

Link Love: My Melange

If you love France, Italy, travel and food, you should be following my friend Robin and her blog, My Melange. Her blog posts are always interesting. She is the Carry-on Queen (something I aspire to be when I grow up) and has great packing advice. And she helps plan vacations, too. Oh, and did I mention her online Parisian Flea Market? Yes, it is addictive!

My Melange has a new look as of today -- it is gorgeous! I hope you'll stop by and check it out. And be sure to tell Robin, "Hello!"
Check out: My Melange (view on Google Sidewiki)

You can also follow Robin on Twitter: @MyMelange.


Robin @ MyMelange said...

Thanks so much for the lovely write-up about my new site!

You are a just a gem :)

Rob with Kolea Rentals said...

Always happy to see link love. No one seems to have it anymore. I look forward to searching through your blog. I found yours from I have traveled all over the world so I look forward to commenting on some places you have been.

Welcome back! If you haven't already, I hope you'll subscribe to my RSS feed so we can stay in touch. Ciao!


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