Monday, August 10, 2009

A Little Paris Week Link Love

It is hot.  It's August.  Last week I suddenly was another year older.  And I'm a little grumpy.  I'd so hoped that amongst my birthday gifts this year would be a trip to Paris... I hope that every year, and somehow it never happens.  But hope springs eternal!

So, instead I decided to spend this week in Paris --- if only on The Gypsy's Guide!

Like so many teenage girls, I took French in school because it is the language of love.  I had fantasies of some French-speaking lover sweeping me off my feet and taking me to his chateau in Paris where we would drink champagne and live happily ever after.  But then I fell in love with a Roman and my French fantasy died, but not my love of the City of Light.

Later this week I have interviews with two authors of books about Paris as well as a few other French surprises.  But today, a trip to some of my favorite blogs about Paris itself...

If you want to visit Paris each and every day, then you should follow Eric's Paris Daily Photo.  Every day he posts another photo of his life in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.  And he is an extraordinary photographer!

Over at My Melange, Robin has a great blog post on Beautiful French Words.  Like me, she loves the language, and she's collected a great list including one of my favorite words "parapluie" meaning "umbrella."

Kate Hill doesn't technically blog about Paris, but her blog, Kate Hill: A French Kitchen Adventure, leaves me hungry almost every day.  She writes about cooking and French food in addition to teaching cooking classes in France.  Love her!

I studied ballet as a child, and I was moved to read EuroCheapo's post about dancers' graves in Cimetiere de Montmartre.  This Parisian cemetery hosts the final resting places of many of Paris' most celebrated dancers, and the photos with this post are particularly moving. 

I am a big fan of Sacred Destinations, too.  I particularly enjoyed their write-up of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.  Fantastic photos!

David Lebovitz is an American pastry chef now living and blogging in Paris.  Tomorrow I'll have an interview with him about his latest book The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious - and Perplexing - City.  His blog, though, never fails to leave me hungry for more.  From the mysteries of Parisian shopping customs to his latest tart recipe, has it going on!
So there's a start!  
You tell me... who are your favorite bloggers about Paris?  
What have you read lately that left you longing for the city by the Seine?  
Have you been blogging about Paris?
Leave the links below, and we'll check them out, too!
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jessiev said...

we've got a LOVELY paris post today - we interviewed pia jane bijkerk, about her extraordinary book, Paris: Made by Hand.

here's the link:


Debbie Dubrow said...

I LOVE Paris too (in fact I'm angling to spend a few days in the city on our next major trip)

I've blogged a lot about my adventures there, and even have a whole city guide devoted to finding things to do with kids in Paris at

Anonymous said...

Ooo la la! Thanks so much for including me in the roundup! And for your eye candy viewing pleasure- I happen to have posted some of my favorite Parisian street signs today. Who knew :)

Here is the link


Eiffel Tower Suzy said...

Fantastic list! With Eric at the helm, of course.

May I suggest adding -

Julie G said...

Thanks for introducing me to a few new bloggers!! Please also consider:

DW Quilt Art said...

Oh I have enjoyed your post and wandering from your post to your links (many of which I knew already :-)) and to links from the comments. After all, we have something in common, that love of Paris!
I have a French corner on my blog with lots of Paris and France links, some of which you already have, like PDP, but some others you might enjoy.

I also blog about Paris travels there, my love of the city, and my Paris-inspired art (see index for Paris, French, Eiffel Tower).

And I do hope you get there to celebrate your birthday someday! My daughter turned 21 in Paris while she spent a semester abroad - a birthday I am sure she will remember always!

I look forward to coming back and seeing what else you have in store this week!

DW Quilt Art said...

Hi Eiffel Tower Suzy :-)

Amie from Ciao Bambino said...

Paris! We were just in France, but sadly didn't have enough time get to Paris on this trip.

We did a recent post on Favorite Paris Activities with Young Children:

We also had a lovely guest post this spring on the Luxembourg Gardens with kids:

Ciao Bambino recommended places to stay in France includes some fantastic Paris options: - with a few great

I hope to get back to Paris soon—until then, I'll live vicariously through travel bloggers.

Eric said...

" I had fantasies of some French-speaking lover sweeping me off my feet and taking me to his chateau in Paris where we would drink champagne and live happily ever after."

Er... No such thing exists in Paris (nor anywhere else I 'm afraid!) I hate to break the news Angela!

Besides. Does nationality really matters?

Thanks for mentionning PDP dear Gypsy...

Angela K. Nickerson said...

Thanks to you all for adding your links!

First, one more I stumbled upon today...

Eurocheapo's guide to good, cheap food in Paris:

Debbie, I am so glad you added your Paris guide to the list. Readers, if you don't already follow, you should. Debbie is the queen of travel with young children!

Eric, I am always happy to give you a little love, and through you I am pleased to meet Eiffel Tower Suzy. Bonjour, Suzy! Bienvenue!

And the rest of you lovelys... I am delighted to meet you, too! I'm checking out your blogs, and I'll make sure to drop you a comment as well.


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone doesn't turn green with envy, but I am actually IN Paris.... Made a visit this week to Opera Garnier, the Phantom's home haunt... was able to get some incredible pics:

Angela K. Nickerson said...

Roberta also passed along this gem written by our lovely friend @Italylogue:

Not only does she do Italy well, clearly she has a heart for Paris, too.

Welcome back! If you haven't already, I hope you'll subscribe to my RSS feed so we can stay in touch. Ciao!


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