Wednesday, July 1, 2009

High Tea at the Merrion

As a little girl I loved all things elegant and all things dainty.  I was quite the girly girl, a trait which my mother indulged a bit.  Every once in a while she would take my sister and I to high tea at the Adolphus Hotel in our hometown of Dallas.  In the elegant sitting room, we perched on the silk and damask sofas, practicing our best manners and enjoying acting like grown ladies with tea cups balanced in our little hands.

I'm not a little girl any more, but my love of high tea and all things fancy carries on.  The other day as I was working away in my room at The Merrion in Dublin, I was overcome with the desire for a pot of tea... and then I saw that I could have tea with all of the trimmings delivered to my room.  Clearly, that was the choice for me.  Room service delivered a darling little table trimmed with a silver tea service and the hotel's signature china.

The Menu
finger sandwiches 
with assorted fillings including minted chicken salad, 
egg salad, salmon and cream cheese, 
and the tea room classic: cucumber with cream cheese
three kinds of scones 
with clotted cream and raspberry jam
an assortment of tea breads, tarts, and pastries 
tea or coffee 
with cream and two kinds of sugar

The menu varies daily but always includes the high tea basics:  finger sandwiches, scones, sweets, and tea.  If you are not staying at The Merrion, you can still have the high tea experience.  Heated with peat-burning fireplaces, the three drawing rooms on the first floor are cozy and charming, and you get a sense for the Georgian majesty of the entire hotel. Each afternoon the drawing rooms were full of people sipping tea, and I even spotted a few mothers with their daughters engendering a love of tea in yet another generation.

Afternoon Tea
Cost: €35 per person

The Merrion Hotel
Upper Merrion Street
Dublin, Ireland
Ph: +353 1 603 0600

Where have you had high tea?  Are you a devotee as I am?

Thanks to all of you joining me from WanderFood Wednesdays

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Diana Scimone said...

I love tea, also, Angela! The frou-frou-ier, the better.

Here's my blog post about one of my all-time favorite teas:

Anonymous said...

You mentioned two totally unrelated things that made me wish I were in Ireland right now. The clotted cream with scones and the peat-burning fireplace. Mmmm. It would even be worth needing a sweater to enjoy it all. I reread my Ireland trip diary this week and remembered it all with relish. Thanks for "taking me" back. - Bea

Wanderluster said...

I love it! High Tea is an indulging, isn't it? I enjoyed High Tea recently in Victoria, BC, and thoroughly enjoyed the service, the delicious tea and all the finger food!

Corey said...

I wasn't sure what to expect from high tea, but I couldn't resist the experience. Thanks for bringing back some memories. I enjoyed my first high tea last summer...

Welcome back! If you haven't already, I hope you'll subscribe to my RSS feed so we can stay in touch. Ciao!


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