Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Anthony Doerr's One Day in Rome

On Monday I interviewed Anthony Doerr, author of Four Seasons in Rome .  Here's part of our exchange:
AKN:  If you only had one day to spend in Rome, what would you do? More importantly: where would you eat?
AD:  We'd have a cappuccino at Sant'Eustachio (Piazza Sant'Eustachio 82) and then we'd sit for a long time in the Campo dei Fiori and watch people. Then I'd go to Sant’ Ivo alla Sapienza, a astounding white church by Borromini. Maybe there'd even be a choir singing in there. Then I'd walk around the Colosseum and back all the way up through Trastevere deep into Monteverde to a restaurant called il Cortile, on via Pisacane. The antipasto table is there is where antipasto goes when it goes to heaven: frittate, seafood, asparagus, these incredible mushrooms. I'd get some pasta, Shauna would order the pollo al diavolo, a smashed and salted chicken half, and we'd nurse our tired feet and eat antipasto forever.
Interested in replicating Doerr's One Day in Rome?  Well, here's a map!  
You can read my entire interview with Anthony Doerr here .

On a related note...
Over the weekend Matt Gross, the New York Times' Frugal Traveler , blogged about traveling to Venice with children on the cheap:  "Frugal Venice, Family Style."  He, too, writes about the love Italians have for children.  Enjoy!


Jessie V said...

oh! great idea. i love to hear where he'd go!

Kim Kasch said...

One day...I'm hoping to have to make these decisions but I've never gotten that far.

printing said...

oh... Good for us, nice idea and I am like to do that.

molded plastic said...

like travelling like all yours, thanks !

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