Friday, January 16, 2009

I Heart... Fun 'n Games

We are a game-playing family.
I learned how to lose playing Chutes and Ladders.

We play dominos with my maternal grandparents, and have fantastic games of Mexican Train. My paternal grandparents have always been into word games, and we have had some great matches of Upwords at their house.
I love playing Apples to Apples, and we had a fantastic game with all of my sisters (ages 9 - 31) over Christmas.

My sister, Lisa, beats the pants off of me daily at Word Twist. But I go back for more day after day because we can play it on Facebook despite the fact that we are 2000 miles apart.

By the way, are you my friend on Facebook? If not, friend me (Angela K. Nickerson)!

My favorite game: Scrabble. Hands down. Bar none. At our New Years gathering we taught Lily (age 9) to play, and she is a formidable opponent. Yikes!

And when I travel I tend to take games with me. There's nothing better than a card game to pass the time when stuck in an airport or on a rainy evening in a hotel. Plus, a good game inspires conversation, laughter, and great memories.

What games do you play with your family?

Play on!
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Rena said...

We play all sorts of games with our boys. Other ones I've always like are Scrabble and the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. :)

Anonymous said...

Tee hee. On my other blog, I just wrote about this exact topic:

Anonymous said...

Lately my son (7) and I bond over Geo Challenge on Facebook. Well mostly I need his flag knowledge to get me through.

Miss Expatria said...

My family and I play a dictionary game, where one person looks up a word that no one knows and everyone has to write a dictionary-sounding definition for it, and then the person reads them all aloud and we have to vote on what we think the word is. We have broken ourselves laughing.

We also play the initial game, where a person reads a sentence from the newspaper and eveyrone writes it in 2 columns, so you have many rows going down of two-initial entries. Then you have to think of famous people with those initials. My grandfather always uses esoteric sports people from like the 1930s and we all boo him out.

My gay mafia and I play Burraco card game aaaaaaallllllll the time.

Liz Donnelly said...

My kids are so little that we don't play too many board games. So, we get more active:
I look forward to Friday night game nights as they grow.

Thanks for the great post!

StephWiestling said...

We play Candyland with a 'Go Fish' twist. We draw 5 cards and ask 'do you have any reds (or whatever color)?' Then they have to count how many reds they can go. Once my little guy got 9 reds in one turn to win the game. It's much faster for the short-attention-span preschoolers!!

Heather on her travels said...

Is Word Twist the same as Scrabulous on Facebook? My colleagues used to play that at work in my last job. But I heard that the owners of the boardgame made a fuss.

Dominique said...

I haven't played board games in years, although we ended up getting dominoes and Farkel for Christmas. Now it's just a matter of grabbing a few friends and learning how to play!
I remember playing Monopoly a lot as a kid, and Trivial Pursuit when I was a bit older. Now my trivia skills only get a workout with the daily trivia question at my local coffeehouse (hey, it's good for a 10-cent discount!).

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We're gamers too! Battleship, Blink, Go fish, Candyland, Sequence Jr. It's the best fun.

Authentic Seacoast said...

We love games at DesBarres Manor Inn!

We have all the best ones in the Parlour Room and guests love pulling them out and passing some time reliving their youth. In the winter, the private dining room becomes the puzzle room with people putting in pieces as they come in. When love our games so much, it made it to our Top 10 Winter Activities at DesBarres Manor.

So no need to pack games when you come to visit us. Just come on up and roll the dice!

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