Thursday, December 4, 2008

Link Love, Lunch, and Laughs

Travel bloggers have been really busy this week writing about all kinds of exciting spots on the globe.  I tend to do my blog reading over lunch, so here's where I've spent my lunch this week.

  • Czech Republic/Slovakia/Hungary:  Jay Caauwe went on a three-country pub crawl in a 9 hour period and lived to write about it.  Fun.  Funny.  Fascinating.  Check it out on TravelBlissful . 
  • Paris:  Amazingly, I've never been to Paris.  It breaks my heart.  But every day I do check out ParisDailyPhoto so I will feel at home when I do actually make it there one day.  And I loved Eric's photo of the African baby this week.
  • Ephesus:  I've always wanted to go!  And this week BrilliantTips is writing about it.  I love the obligatory photo of the public toilets. 
  • Venice:  My poor, beloved Venice is underwater again.  When will they stop arguing and just finish those crazy seawalls?  Well, at least the wakeboarders had fun in Piazza San Marco.  Check out
  • Home:  Mother of All Trips blogged about just being home for the holidays.  Lovely!  

And a bonus for all of you who, like me, have had a rough week and need a good laugh...

Wedding Wrecks:  I don't remember exactly who told me about Cake Wrecks, but people do some truly appalling things with cake and frosting.

Oh, by the way, did any of you lose your 8 foot-tall Lego man ?  I know where he is if you did.

Don't forget Passports with Purpose !

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