Friday, December 19, 2008

12 Travel Books for Christmas: Number Nine

Merry Christmas, just a little bit early!  My gift to you this holiday season is a series of 12 book suggestions to help make your shopping a little easier (for your friends or for yourself).  Read about how this started here .
12 Travel Books for Christmas
Today's book recommendation is from a children's travel writer who is passionate about stopping global child trafficking ...
Recommended by: DianaScimone   who says, "Travel the world with PawPaw as he introduces kids 2-6 yo to other countries & cultures. Part of profits goes to help stop child trafficking."  That's a cause we can all get behind, too!
Adventures with Paw Paw by Diana Scimone
Summary: "Adventures with PawPaw is a series of picture books about a little dog who visits a different country ine ach book -- a delightful way to introduce young children to other countries and cultures.   In the midst of his adventures, PawPaw meets children who talk differently, eat differently, and dress differently.  As they explore their differences, they realize what they have in common.  Children are children no matter what color their skin or what they eat for breakfast." -- excerpted from 
How many of the nine recommendations thus far have you read?

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