Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12 Travel Books for Christmas: Number Six

Merry Christmas, just a little bit early!  My gift to you this holiday season is a series of 12 book suggestions to help make your shopping a little easier (for your friends or for yourself).  Read about how this started here .
12 Travel Books for Christmas
Today's book recommendation is from a great expat blogger who makes me laugh and cry (sometimes at the same time).  Check out her blog here , and follow her!  
Recommended by: MissExpatria  who says this is her standard book gift.
Pillars of Hercules: a grand tour of the Mediterranean by Paul Theroux 
Summary: "[Theroux's] work is distinguished by a splendid eye for detail and the telling gesture; a storyteller's sense of pacing and gift for granting closure to the most subtle progression of events; and the graceful use of language. . . . We are delighted, along with Theroux, by the politeness of the Turks, amazed by the mountainous highlands in Syria, touched by the gesture of an Albanian waitress who will not let him pay for his modest meal. . . . The Pillars of Hercules [is] engrossing and enlightening from start (a damning account of tourists annoying the apes of Gibraltar) to finish (an utterly captivating visit with Paul Bowles in Tangier, worth the price of the book all by itself)." (Chicago Tribune) -- excerpted from BookPassage.com 
Are you adding to your list of  Twitter friends? And that list of book suggestions is growing, too.  How many of them have you read so far?

Don't forget...  a fantastic Christmas gift!
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