Wednesday, November 19, 2008

See Ancient Rome in 3D

Note:  Wandering Educators has resolved their technical issues, and the post is now live!  

Today over at Wandering Educators I am blogging about Google Earth's new Ancient Rome layer.  It is a pretty amazing way to strip away 2000 years of history in Rome.

Here's a snippet:
Wandering the streets of Rome or wrapped up in a quilt while reading about the Eternal City, it can be difficult to imagine what ancient Rome once looked like. On my first visit I was amazed to suddenly realize that there were unexcavated ruins under just about everything in the city center and beyond. Visiting museums like that at San Clemente andCrypta Balbioffer a glimpse of what lies beneath, but now we have another tool that may be even more helpful. Google Earth has teamed up with the University of Virginia’s Rome Reborn 2.0 project to create a 3D map of Ancient Rome.
Check it out at Wandering Educators !

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