Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Link Love and Travel News

Lotsa Link Love:
CajunMama of the world-famous Traveling Mamas is writing about hitting it big on the slots and spending a few hours at the oh-so-luxe Canyon Ranch. What a lucky girl!

Over on A Closer Look At Flyover Land, Amy took her Teen to do some extra credit in St. Paul, Minnesota. She’s blogging about their day this week starting with their visit to the James J. Hill House on Summit Avenue.

And Pam took a Field Trip to the Pacific Science Center where she communed with Lucy.

Pam is jonesing to go to Ethiopia. Me? I’ve got it bad for Iceland after reading about falling airfares. Anyone want to send me?

Clearly, if I go to Iceland, I would need one of the cute Lands End outfits that Delicious Baby is giving away. Sadly, they are for kids… *sigh*. But if you have kids, be sure to enter her giveaway

Tonsa Travel News:
Last October Rome’s Trevi Fountain ran red. A prankster threw red dye or paint into the famous fountain causing the waters to turn blood red.  The prankster is finally facing charges. 

While pranksters were busy causing trouble, Rome’s archaeologists have been busy, too, and announced three major discoveries this week: the site of emperor Caligula’s murder, the tomb of the figure who inspired the movie “Gladiator,” and a large bathing complex.

Be sure to read  "Monastic Doors Open for Travelers" an informative article in the New York Times about staying in European monasteries and convents – an economical alternative to hotels and bed and breakfasts. 

And a Little Laughter:
I spent several hours this weekend laughing and crying and laughing over the hysterical posts at Cake Wrecks. Grammar Queen that I am, I especially enjoyed the entries tagged “Creative Grammar.”

And the ever-delightful Becky Ramsey of Wonders Never Cease is having a Halloween Party today. Her theme: Mummies. Party on, Becky!

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