Monday, September 29, 2008

Update: Return to Romance Auction

I had a lovely email from Nigel Hearnden this week about the success of his Return to Romance auction.  

Hi Angela

Hope all is well with you.

The golf event and auction was held last Thursday (18th) and despite only having 22 people at the auction, we raised a total of £500.

Your book was eventually sold for £30 ($55) and the unsuccessful bidder is going to try to buy a copy via the Internet.

With the promise of a further £2000 before the end of the year, the total amount raised at the end of year one will be nearly £16000 which considering I have done it without professional support etc is pretty good - or so I am told.

Events planned for next year includes a fundraising visit to Australia which will include one or two events. A trek from our home in the South of England to the North East of England where Anne grew up, another golf day and hopefully completion of the book which tells the story of Anne's four year battle and the walk to Rome.

With the current economic climate I may not reach my goal of £50000 by December 2009 but I will hopefully have made big inroads towards it.

Thank you once again for your very generous support and if I ever manage to return to Italy and Rome in particular, I will check to see if you have a tour planned as I would very much like to meet you.



You can read more about Nigel's story here:
and at Nigel's own website, Return to Romance.   

Those of you in England and Australia:  keep an eye out for Nigel!  

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