Friday, August 8, 2008

Parlez vous Olympics?

8.8.08!  8.8.08!  8.8.08! 
Don't call.  Don't write.  Don't email.  And don't expect me to respond.  I am busy.  Really, really busy.  The Olympics have begun!  

I am busy cheering for the archers, badminton players, baseball and basketball teams, and the volleyball stars -- on and off the beach.   I am losing my mind rooting for the boxers, kayakers, cyclists, divers, equestrians, fencers and field hockey jocks.  Gymnasts and handball players fill my dreams, and I'm learning about judo while chanting, "U S A! U S A!"  The modern pentathlon -- it is blowing my mind!  I am rooting for the rhythmic gymnasts and the rowers, the sailing teams and the marksmen.  Soccer has me jumping up and down in my living room celebrating.  I'm screaming like crazy for the softball teams and the swimmers.  Synchronized swimmers leave me breathless, and I can hardly curb my enthusiasm for table tennis, taekwondo, and tennis.   1400 hours of TV coverage?  Bring it on!  I have to cheer for the track and field team and the trampoline champs.  The triathletes and the water polo players, the weightlifters and the wrestlers... I am cheering for them all!  

I love the Olympics: the sportsmanship, the drama, the pageantry, and the passion.  My TiVo is set.  My phone is off.  I have cheering to do!  

Best of luck to all of the athletes!  
Just go!

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