Sunday, May 11, 2008

Return to Romance: a great cause!

By chance and happenstance I came across Nigel's website (, and I was so moved.  Nigel is nearing the end of a tremendous journey:  he is walking from his home in England to Rome.  And he isn't just doing it for fun.  He and his wife promised that they would spend their 30 year anniversary together in Rome.  However, his wife, Anne, passed away before they could realize that promise.   So Nigel is walking to Rome to raise money for Anne's favorite causes.  

Check out his website or read his daily journal entries at  

Here's a snippet from today's entry: 

"As Rome gets nearer, I am not sure how I will feel when I start the last walk from the hotel where my wife and I stayed 3 years ago to walk to the Vatican or how I will feel when I arrive on the steps of St Peter’s. Although I have said it will be alright, I cannot help but think that it is going to be more emotional then I have been prepared to accept – realism time I guess. A cameraman will be there to capture the moment as well as my eldest son and Anne’s two sisters. Representatives of one of the charities will also be there and the film of my arrival ill be shown on one of the regional TV stations back home, hopefully somebody will record it for me so I can enjoy it."

And to my dear readers in the UK:  Nigel is holding a charity auction in July.  There will be a signed copy of A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome amongst the other goodies.  Go bid on it!  

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