Monday, May 19, 2008

Interview Today with the Traveling Mamas

I love the Traveling Mamas!  They are women with class and style.  Today they have interviewed me, too.  

Here's an excerpt:

TM: Do you feel these places would be appropriate for families? If not, why?

AN: Absolutely! Michelangelo’s work is very accessible for children. The stories are dramatic and intriguing, and his depictions are full of movement and life. Italian churches and museums are quite family-friendly, too. European schools often take field trips to museums, and they are used to accommodating younger patrons.

The key to traveling as a family in Italy is preparation, and having a theme for a trip can make it more interesting for everyone. Of course, I am partial to Michelangelo, but many children and teens recognize his works when they see them. Knowing that, prepare them a bit for your trip. There are several children’s books out on Michelangelo that can be great places to start. And once you are there, edit the choices you make. No one can go to every museum in Rome, so choose the ones that fit your theme.

On Wednesday the Traveling Mamas are giving away a copy of A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome. Enter to win!

Click here to read the entire interview.  Thanks, Mamas!  You girls are fabulous!

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