Monday, April 14, 2008

My Virtual Book Tour Begins!

My mom called this morning and asked, "What exactly IS a Virtual Book Tour?"  

Good question, Mom!  

In a nutshell, the VBT is a new way to market books.  Rather than -- or in my case, in addition to -- doing book signings in stores across the country, authors visit blogs and websites writing about their books and related topics.  

There are several advantages to a VBT: 
1.  There aren't any travel expenses.  No hotels or airline tickets.  Just a lot of writing in advance.
2.  The content created and posted lives on forever where a book event in a store is finite.
3.  Bloggers and readers span the globe, so an author can reach people in many countries.

So, today launches my VBT!  First stop:  Virtual Book Tour de 'Net.  Stop by and see what they have to say about A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome today!  Tomorrow:  a playlist on High Culture/Low Budget.  

More questions about the VBT concept?  Just let me know!

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