Saturday, June 9, 2007


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8 Questions for...

I often meet fascinating people who travel, who write, or who do both.  And so I interview them.  Each interview is just eight questions long, so we get right to the heart of the matter.

Interested in being interviewed?  If you are a writer or a traveler, let me know!

Hotel Reviews

I am frequently asked, "Where should I stay when I go?"  That's an important question, and if I know of a good hotel in a particular location, I am happy to provide recommendations.  I also review hotels when I travel.  Some hotels offer me a free stay in exchange for a review on The Gypsy's Guide.  However, they are never guaranteed a good review.  I will only accept a free or discounted stay if we are clear about the expectations.

If you don't see a hotel review for a place you might be traveling soon, ask!  If I don't have a recommendation, I can help you find one.

And if you are a hotelier who would like to have your property reviewed on The Gypsy's Guide, please contact me:  aknickerson (at) mac (dot) com.

Field Trip!

Once in awhile I go off guest blogging, and I always take my readers along with me.  We refer to it as a Field Trip.  If you are interesting in hosting a Field Trip and having me do a guest post for you, just send me an email:  aknickerson [at] mac [dot] com.  I schedule Field Trips about a month in advance and am happy to blog on a variety of travel, book, and writing-related topics.

Music Mondays

Each month I create a playlist on a particular theme.  If you'd like to suggest a theme for a playlist, let me know!
I use iTunes to create the playlist because it is simple, easy, and free.  I receive no compensation from Apple for this, however.  I've just always been a Mac girl!

I Heart... Fridays

On Fridays I write about stuff I heart, and I do take comps from time to time.   Just because you send me something, however, does not mean I will endorse it.  But if I heart it, I will tell all of my friends, too.  Email me for more information: aknickerson [at] mac [dot] com.
Do you heart something that you want to share with my readers?  Then drop me a line and let me know!  

Words in the World

I have a love affair with words. I love the feeling of new words rolling off the tongue. And old words... those deep, nearly genetic links to days past. So, one of our new features will be Words in the World.
Here are the criteria for selection:
1.  I have to like it.
2.  I have to be able to write about a destination in relationship to the word.
3.  It has to be a real word.
If you have a favorite to suggest, let me know!
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